Weight Lifting Belt: The Pros and Cons

Have you ever got a mixed response regarding a weight lifting belt? If you have, it might have actually depended on the person whom you asked. A powerlifter would only emphasize the importance of wearing one, whereas CrossFitters might simply turn up their nose on the mention of it. However, a quick low down on the pros and cons of wearing one would help you get a fairly good idea of whether weight lifting belts are for you or not.

The Advantages of Using Weight Lifting Belts

The advantages of using weight lifting belts include:

  • It helps in preventing spinal injuries or lower back problems. For those who lift heavyweight, extra pressure can develop on the abdominal muscles, and therefore, it is equally important to add some stability to the area with the help of a weight lifting belt.
  • Belts allow lifters to squat easier and use or add even more weights to their routine without having to worry about injuries.
  • These belts are pretty much heavy-duty and have the same width all over to provide maximum support to the spine.
  • Various researches have proved that wearing a belt during a particularly strenuous regime can offer the maximum possible protection.
  • The belts come with strong buckles which won’t come undone no matter how much internal pressure builds up.
  • The more pressure a belt can sustain, the better stability it can offer.
  • However, it would be good to keep in mind that belts that are made of synthetic materials and purchased from unknown brands may not offer the right kind of stability. So despite wearing a belt you can expect it to come undone at some point while you exercise.
  • A good weight lifting belt can help enhance your performance. Help you continue with more reps without tiring you out because of their additional support.

The Disadvantages of Using Weight Lifting Belt

The disadvantages of wearing a belt include:

  • The belt may inhibit proper core development. Since it offers the right kind of support, people do not develop the motor skills necessary to develop their core while exercising. However, it’s better not to use a belt for any exercises which aim to develop your core.
  • Some pros argue that wearing a belt can cause your lower back to lose its strength. What should be kept in mind is that some of the best powerlifters use a weight lifting belt obsessively, and they by no means have a weak lower back.

What should be kept in mind is that weight lifting belts offer the necessary support; however, it would be good to wear belts only when needed. If you use a belt for every lift and every muscle you move in the gym, it may not provide you with the maximum benefit which a workout can offer you.

However, when lifting seriously, not wearing a belt could cause you a great deal of pain. So just keep in mind when and when not to use a belt.

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