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As many news channels sharing information that COVID -19 will not spread due to the consumption of animal-based food but still people are away from animal-based food and opting for vegetarian food Regular intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and seeds increased during this lockdown.

People around the world and in United States convert to vegan and vegetarianism avoiding non-veg food.

Although dairy and animal food has high protein. Due to Covid-19 people are avoiding Animal-based food and started eating vegetarian food.

Plant-based food provides many health benefits like prevention of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and Some types of cancer.

Plant-based food is more sustainable than animal-based food because it is associated with nature and less environmental damage.

What Is Protein? And What Does It Contain?

Protein is the basic component of living cells made of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Amino-Acids.

Protein Sources are of three types.

1) Fibrous | 2) Globular | 3) Membrane

The fibrous used for muscle fiber and connective tissue and bone.
The Globular is more water-soluble they have several functions like transposing and regulating.
The Membrane plays a major role by passing signals within cells, allowing cells to interact and transporting molecules.

Why Should we eat Vegetarian Protein Sources food?

If you want to grow your body and you want to look bold. Then you need to eat a high protein diet, Mother Nature gave many types of food  But segmented in the following types.

1: Vegetarian Food  | 2: Non-vegetarian Food  | 3: Vegan Food

Vegetarian Food: Vegetarian food is a type of food that is purely  Plant-based food for example Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Grains, and Millets.

Non-Vegetarian Food: Non-vegetarian food which is made by killing animals.  example: Chicken, Beef, Meat, etc.

Vegan Food: As the term, “Vegan” was chosen by the first and last letters of Vegetarian. People choose vegetarian protein sources because of health benefits.

Because plant-based food is good for health. People may also choose Vegan because of the environmental impact.

Vegetarian Protein Sources

Vegetarian Food

Value in grams

Groundnut Protein


Green Gram Protein


Methi (Fenugreek)


Cashew Protein


Wheat Protein


Red Kidney Beans Protein


Cheese Protein


Milk Protein


Black Gram Protein


Vegetarian / Vegan Energy  Foods For Healthy Life

Vegetarian Protein Sources

Vegetarian Protein Sources



Almonds are seeds rather than a dry-fruit. Almonds are high in unsaturated fat, which is good for the heart. Almonds are part of Vegetarian energy sources that have a high level of vitamin E.

Almonds contain Vitamins, Minerals, and fiber so they may give many health benefits. Eat Hand full of almonds a day to maintain blood pressure.


Oats are the best vegetarian protein source, contain several components that help us to have good health. Oats are organic food that can act as antioxidants to reduce the effects of damage. of chronic inflammation that causes heart disease, diabetes.

Oats prevent Constipation: As oats are rich in fiber, which helps us regulating bowel movement and prevent constipation. there are many Oats chocolate biscuits in the market where everyone likes eating them.


Pea is part of a vegetarian protein source that is rich in energy. Part of both Vegan and vegetarian. you will find it in Supplement powders
They are easy to add to rice dishes and more dishes to cook.

You can’t just build the body by eating, the physical workout will shape you to look good. A pair of dumbbells is enough to do a full-body workout, It only depends on your intention of being fit, If you are a beginner and use dumbbells workout at home to become fit you have to start doing exercise regularly.

Consistency is only the way to burn your fat into muscles, still, if anyone not satisfied with diet and wants to build the body you can use supplements to grow your body.  There are many vegetarian Supplements in the market.

Videos / Gallery

Vegetarian Protein Sources Video

Proathlix Vegetarian Protein Sources

You might be a beginner, intermediate, or pro bodybuilder who performs the advanced exercise.

Maybe you might be doing any type of physical activity, sports you might be male or female

Whey protein will help to repair muscles which may break due to advance exercises, because whey protein has essential amino acids by which your lean muscles start pumping up.

Give support to your muscles and get better results and make your body look bold by having whey protein.

Many people who want to reduce weight need to understand if they include whey protein in their diet they will get significant results to drop down there body fat.

Due to modern lifestyle Protein requirements may not be fulfilled with regular diet alone. whey protein will help you it’s easy to carry and consume

It’s easy to digest. But I like to talk about myths

1 : Is whey protein unnatural?
It’s 100% natural and safe to use because it’s made up of milk.
But you need to understand how much quantity has to be consumed and when it has to be consumed

2: Do I eat enough Protein? 
Many of you might be thinking that a regular diet is enough to build body, but you need to understand whenever we exercise our muscle tissues will breakdown so to repair as soon as possible to get the recovery we use protein powder
If you are eating Eggs and chicken post-exercise your body takes much time to digest your food whey protein will help you in faster digesting.


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Ensure Vegetarian Protein Sources

Ensure is nutritional supplements manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. First produced in 1973 as a medical nutrition product.

Ensure protein shake is to provide calories, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.

This protein powder is intended for supplemental use with or between meals and for interim sole-source nutrition.

Note: Ensure is not for parenteral use.

This protein powder provides a source of nutrition in connection with aging, recovery for illness, injuries or surgeries, and managing physical and mental conditions that cause an inability or refusal to eat.

Appetite loss, or overall weight loss. Ensure shakes are gluten-free suitable for lactose intolerance.

Ensure is also used in the force-feeding of hunger-striking prisoners at Guantanamo.


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According to the NAS(National Academic Science), you should have an intake of 75-90 mg/day.

Vitamin C Vegetarian Protein Sources

Benefits of vitamin C supplements

Regularly getting 500-1000 MGs of vitamin c/ day reduces the duration and symptoms of cold and boosts your immune system. it also prevents the iron deficiency in your body.
High source of vitamins is difficult to get through the natural source so I suggest supplementing to 500-1000 mg per day.

use of vitamin c supplements?

A substantial number of people around the world have low intake levels of vitamin C due to the inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables.
the requirement of vitamin C is increased during periods of infection, flu, and the common cold. Quantities that are required more than that are required of what is provided by natural fruits alone.


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Hope you got the information you are looking for Vegetarian Protein Sources is as per your satisfaction, we are active bellow in comment session ready for discussion. Drop your query in the comment we will read all your comments and provide you the best solution which you are looking for. keep visiting us for more updates on fitness.

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