Padded Weight Lifting Belt

  • Padded weightlifting belt offers important lumbar and core support; light brown color
  • Ideal for weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and other types of high-intensity training
  • Made of microfiber PU (polyurethane) faux leather for long-lasting comfort and strength
  • Adjustable fit with durable slip-free buckle closure; suitable for women and men
  • Measures 37.4 by 6 by 0.3 inches (LxWxH; small); backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty




Xtrim Weight Lifting Belt

According to muscle stress and harm, Weight lifters risk a more dangerous type of injury. Mainly causes injury to their backbone.

Before Buying weight lifting belt

Weight lifting belts are the most important accessory for weightlifters, belts are used in weightlifting competitions and training programs as a protection against injury.

This belt is worn over a person’s back and is usually mean to support the lower back. This prevents many short and long term injuries from happening to the individuals.
However weightlifter wear them as a preacaution to prevent undue injury to their backbone.


You may use lifting belts for exercises like the squat as well as deadlifts. A few people assume you don’t have to rely on them while other people think that you must.
Just what exactly do you need to go about doing? What about not using it when you are initially doing the exercises, and after that, when you can finally find the weight growing heavier, you start using the belt to protect your self from personal injury.


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