Best Gps Waterproof HolyHigh Smart Band For Women and Men 2020 India

  • Real-time sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. Equipped with advanced heart rate sensors.
  • It will comprehensively analyze your sleep and provide accurate sleep quality data: deep, light and awake sleep
  • Also, you can use the camera capture function that allows you to take photos without the help of other people.
  • More than 8 days of battery life and increased compatibility
  • All HolyHigh smartwatches have a built-in USB connector that makes it easy to charge with any device with a USB port, without the need for a cable. A single charge gives you over 8 days of work time.
  • In addition, this adjustment band can be connected with mobile phones: the operating system is iOS 7.1, Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
    14 kinds of sports and warranty.
  • In addition, the sports tracker watch can track 14 sports modes like running, walking, riding, yoga, soccer, you need to choose 3 modes from 14 sports modes in the app.
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HolyHigh Smart Band

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