Best 71.5 Pounds Dumbbell For Beginners

  • ATTENTION PLEASE: This 71.5 lbs dumbbell is only sold by Ativafit.
  • Adjustable Weight: Each dumbbell adjusts from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs in 5.5 lbs increments
  • Durable cast: Durable dumbbells are well cast for preventing from rust and corrosion for a lifetime with non-slip grip
  • Convenient Storage: All-in-One design barely needs storage room in your home gym; convenient access by placing on the gratis plastic-tray
  • Multiple Utilization: All-for-One set can be performed for every area of your body with countless workout options like shrugs, lunges, curls, and raises
  • Attention: If you found there are some scratch on the handlebar, it is normal, the scratched off intentionally during manufacturing, to ensure a tight and strict match between the handle and plates for long term usage.


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Skera Dumbbells

Here are some ideas on your home workout.

Dumbbells are the best fitness tools you can use at home or at the gym. There are various types of exercises that you can do with dumbbells. But first, you need to understand the safety measurements



You can exercise all the arm, chest, shoulder, back, abdominal, and leg muscles.

  • Excellent sources of strength and cardio training
  • Strengthening the heart and increasing oxygen uptake.
  • Helps prevent the risk of injuries by strengthening your muscles.
  • Great way to manage weight burn calories and increase metabolism.
  • During less workout time, you can increase your muscle strength faster than other method

Basics For Beginners:

 Practice with lower weights. This will make you familiar with the exercise. Knowing the basics can help you to take safety measurements and avoid injuries.

Weight Selection

After beginning with lower weights for general training on strength building you can do a single set of 8-15 repetitions. If you feel comfortable doing a workout you may add more weights.


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When the weight goes up, you should breath out. When weights go down you should breath in. Never hold your breath while doing exercise.

Need help:

If you think you can’t control weights, you may use a supporter (your buddy) to ease your lifting.



Maybe I hope this article is helping you to understand whether buying dumbbells is worth it in 2020 or not, But if you are considering doing the workout at home instead of going to the gym hope we gave you better information whether or not give a thumbs up bellow in the comment session.


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