Mind-Blowing Apple Watch 5

  • GPS + Cellular
  • Always-On Retina display
  • 30% larger screen
  • Swimproof
  • ECG app
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Store and stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks
  • Auto-Fall detection



We like comparision we like putting technology against each other and seeing which one providing much value for the money and also checking which is the best option.

Apple Watch 5 review


If you are trying to decide between series 3 and series5 which versions are available we are going through all features bellow.

Series 3 Vs Series 5

Apple watch series 5 it was launched along the brand new iphone 11. I’ve been using on and off for around 2 months now

When unboxing what we got inside the box is you have classic Apple stickers, Straps, manuals and also have watch face under it we have of course the charger to charge your iwatch which is magnetic circle
it will charge all smartwatches other side it has USB portal to connect.


Watch series 5 has both 40 millimeter and 44 millimeter.

WatchOs 6 updates

Both watches get watchos 6 updates!
and have the app store all the latest update coming is available on both of this device.


As Apple believe that everyone should go out and buy new devices each year they try to make so because many of us have a passion for buying new gadgets and updating old technology.

Always On Dislay

Watch series 5 has Always-On display has a lot of criticism in sucking down the battery life and have a weird experience

Compass Support

Series 5 has the built-in compass which makes a direction navigation process much better and much accuratewhen you using turn by turn navigation on your watch, and it’s important to the situation when you are outdoor run or a walk, or a bike ride using built-in apps on the watch helps to map on the path you are on and that much better processing with the compass as well as GPS.

Latest Processor

Watch series 5 has the latest processor with S5 chip

Water Resistance

Both watch 5 and watch 3 has 50 Meters Water resistance.

Apple pay

Apple pay is available on both watches you can use tap to pay option on merchant outlet you need not carry your card all the time to make a payment.

Fall Detection

 If an apple watch detects something which is fall SOS screen comes up where you can able to send out a notification immediately so that you can get help.

Watch 5 has auto fall detection.

Heart rate monitor

Watch series 5 has Second-generation heart rate monitor and has the ability to take ECG. This is important for those who are interested in your overall heart health, especially we get older information having access is very important

LTPO OLED Retina Display

Display on iwatch 5 has LTPO OLED retina display.

LTPO allows iwatch 5 with its always-on display to go into a lower power state of the display so that always-on display doesn’t drain your battery life.



Watch series 5 has w3 chip which brings together several different technologies for connectivity
ie it has Bluetooth 5.0 version

Apple Watch 5 Review

If you just tilt to wake for Siri. as if we tilt out wrist Siri (AI Personal assistant) is on you can watch time at any direction on an always-on display.

Gym Coach

Apple Watch Series 5

Both apple watches come with GPS version and GPS + cellular version.

That means even when you are in a country where you don’t have cellular coverage
with your apple watch cellular edition, you gonna be able to make an emergency call to an emergency service using your apple watch in may countries, the country you reside where if the service is available.

On the GPS version where you don’t have the cellular option

Watch 5 comes with an international emergency call option


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Apple Watch 5 review

Buying Option

But in looks, both watches are pretty close to the same size as far as the watch itself both of sizes you are getting a lot of screen on 5.


We hope that we helped you to get better understand the great options it just only depends on the newest features of iwatch 5 super important to you.

Maybe I hope Apple Watch 5 review is helping you to understand the benifits of version 5,  it really comes down with little things I mentioned all of these are added up really are a lot! there is a lot of differences there by comparing with the competitors.

If those all differences and features doest use to you and it doesn’t matter. and make more sense for you to stick around and wait for the next version of the watch.

But if you are considering to switch to apple watch from something else or making your first apple watch purchase hope we gave you better information whether or not version 5 best fit for you.

Let me know if you have any questions comment down in a comment session. I definitely love talking! Comment bellow, Other Question that you might have an even why you use Apple Watches? whatever it might be anything.


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