Exciting Apple Watch Series 3

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Size :40 millimeter / 38 millimeter
  • GPS only and GPS + Cellular options
  • Storage :16 GB/ 8GB
  • Tap to pay option with Apple Pay
  • SOS Option
  • 50 Meters of water resistance
  • 16 G- force
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Thickness:11.4 millimeter



We like doing reviews we like putting technology against each other and seeing which one providing much value for the money and also checking which is the best option.

Many of you thinking that spending extra money on series 5 but series 3 is a bit affordable and its best than other fitness bands competitors.

Apple I Watch Series 3


Apple Watch 3 is still being a great option I mean most people understand that year to year there won’t be a huge jump in the technology with Apple


Watch 3 has 40 millimeter and 38 millimeter

WatchOs 6 updates

Apple watch 3 get watchos 6 updates!
and have the app store all the latest update coming is available on both of this device.


Maybe you are thinking to have apple watch or just don’t know that there is enough value to your money spent on these devices so let’s dive into the topic.

Always On Dislay

Series 3 doesn’t have an always-on display so you always have to turn and watch.

Compass Support

Series 3 won’t support compass support

Latest Processor

Apple I Watch Series 3 has the latest processor with S3 chip

Differences there is now it moved to 64-bit architecture that chip gonna faster and boost
is processing and its graphic ability the apps are gonna work faster things going to work without lag.

Series 3 is still pretty fast even considering its a few years old devices.

Water Resistance

Apple watch 3 has 50 Meters Water resistance.

Apple Pay

Apple pay is available on both watches you can use tap to pay option on
merchant outlet you need not carry your card all the time to make a payment.

Fall Detection

 If an apple watch detects something which is fall SOS screen comes up where you can able to send out a notification immediately so that you can get help.

Watch 3  does have fall detection but you have to manually do that its not automatic.

Heart rate monitor

Watch 3 has first generation heart rate monitor.
It still does a good job. But it’s not fast and as a feature, then compared to watch series 5

LTPO OLED Retina Display

Display on Apple I Watch Series 3 has standard OLED retina display

Apple Watch Series 3 Review


Watch Series 3 has W2 chip with 4.2 Bluetooth version

which is still good and provide same functionality but its just older technology

Apple I Watch Series 3

Apple I Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 Score

Series 3  has an accelerometer.

The accelerometer of iwatch 3 measures 16 g-forces.


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Buying Option

But in looks, watches 5 and watch 3 are pretty close to the same size as far as the watch itself both of sizes you are getting a lot of screen on series 5.


We hope that we helped you to better understand the features of Apple I Watch Series 3 is great option. it just only depends on the newest features of iwatch 3 super important to you.

Maybe I hope this article is helping you to understand whether buying apple version 3 is worth it in 2020 or not,
If all these differences and features doest use to you and it doesn’t matter. and make more sense for you to stick around you have the next version of the watch that is series 5.

But if you are considering switching to the apple watch from something else or making your first apple watch purchase hope we gave you better information whether or not version 3 / version 5 best fit for you.


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