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In this lockdown going gym is not possible but many of them have found ways to keep themselves fit at home. Attending online fitness classes and buying fitness accessories online for home use to keep them fit and healthy.

The demand for gym accessories has significantly grown since the lockdown was announced in March.

Because people are not going to gym and existing gym owners cant open the gym. 

There are two types of people who are started investing in buying the best gym accessories for home use.

  1. Beginners who don’t want to go to the nearby gym and want to exercise at there home.
  2. The second type of people who invested a lot in gym accessories and built a small gym at home.

Even on e-commerce Stores’ demand for fitness equipment has seen a high spike.


Types Of Dumbbells

There are many different types of dumbbells workout at home for beginners. Users prefer buying  dumbbells asper their comfort.




Best dumbbells workout at home for beginners videos

1) Adjustable Dumbbells

bestgymaccessories.com picked a range of options, so you can decide and choose which suits you the best

An appropriate home gym can be challenging for many of you. Having the best adjustable weights at home is the best solution for a full-body workout. The compact plates allow you to quickly change the load you are lifting.

When you finish your exercise you can place it under the table, or a bed so you need not dedicate an entire room, But COVID -19 pandemic made it difficult to go gym daily, there are still options available.


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2) Weight Plates

Are you looking for weight plates that will help your home gym workout session? look at these popular options which are bestsellers dumbbells workout at home for beginners its best option.

Weight plates are the same as adjustable weights but we can buy plates instead of buying another set of weights, It is used to increase workout intensity.

It’s suitable for those who are doing daily exercise and want to increase the weight they have the best option to buy plates instead of buying another set of weights.

Can be used for Multipurpose full-body workout. Best quality weight plates are a trusted option for market and durable.


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3) Fixed Dumbbells

Note: Before doing heavy workouts have proper diet and sleep. follow the instructions of your trainer for better results.

Fixed Dumbbells are used to exercise which has fixed weights where users won’t have any option to increase or decrease the weight after a few days of exercise. If the user wants to increase weight after a few days of exercise he/ she have to buy or replace other sets of weights. Muscle growth will occur when you do heavy workouts.


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4) Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells are the best forms of resistance exercise

Many people engage in cardio workout examples using a treadmill, cycling, walking, and jumping with (or) without fitness equipment. exercise activities are good for general health.

Hex dumbbells are best because it will be stable at one place, they won’t just roll over when placed at inclined floor.

Best dumbbells can be used to perform full body workout. 


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5)Rubber Dumbbells

Gym accessories are very heavy and cause damage marble or tiled floor, Forget this fear because we have brought you weights with rubber-coated.

Buy these rubber coated weights if you don’t want to see ugly scratches on the floor at your home. for those who are exercising at home during the lockdown. Because we have no option to go to the gym and do the workout.


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Dumbbells Workout At Home For Beginners

Bent-Over Row

This type of workout will affect different muscles of your upper body. Mainly your biceps. If you dream for V shape body Where most men dream for Bent-Over Row is the best exercise

Exercise Procedure:
Tighten your core. Strengthen your back as you move up the weights till your chest. Lower the weights and repeat the process.

One Arm Swing

One arm swing will improve your coordination and grip, It provides momentum which your workout needs.

Exercise procedure:
Be in a squat position and swing the weights through your legs bringing back till head. It will strengthen your legs, repeat this and switch your hands

Goblet Squat

You may be Pro or a beginner. goblet squats are the perfect exercise for all.

Exercise Procedure:

Stand on your feet open wider than the width of your shoulders. Hold the weights in front of your chest. Sit back into a squat then stand up again to repeat.


Exercise Procedure:
Lie on your back hold weights on both ends with both hands to start. Press the weight over your chest then reach back to your head. bending your elbows lightly. you feel the strength in your lats. pull the weights back over your chest. repeat the reputations.

Floor press

Exercise Procedure:

Lie on the floor hold weights at your chest to start. lower your upper body then extend your arms to the floor, making sure to keep tension in your lats so upper arms at 45 degrees, extend the arms to starting position repeat the exercise


Tips Before Buying Dumbbells

  1.  Choose according to your budget: You may not sacrifice much for quality get something more affordable and best quality products at bestgymaccessories.com
  2. Check the grip:  The grip should be comfortable in your hands.
  3. It’s better to choose the adjustable weights than the fixed weights.
  4. If possible choose the rubber-coated weights especially when you are using at the home marble floor. when you dropped steel weights can damage your floor.

We hope you got the information that you are looking for dumbbells workout at home for beginners is as per your satisfaction we are active bellow in comment session ready for discussion. Drop your query in the comment we will read all your comments and provide you the best solution which you are looking for. keep visiting us for more updates on fitness.

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Best Dumbbells Workout At Home For Beginners 2020
Dumbbells Workout At Home For Beginners