Best Weight Lifting Equipment for Small Spaces and Home Gyms

Both newbies and seasoned lifters will at some point require that bit of extra help in the form of a weight lifting accessory. Here we look at the essentials designed to aid you in your quest for the body of a god.

The last thing anybody wants is to get injured, which would cost you time away from the gym and potential lost gains! This is why we have written this blog to help you decide which fitness products will help you when going for that new p.b and to keep you from sprains, ligament damage, and callused hands.

Top 5 Weight Lifting Accessories for Small Spaces and Home Gyms

Lifting belt

The weight lifting belt is THE essential accessory you should acquire as part of your gym weaponry. This simple fitness apparatus will not only protect you but also assist you. Weight lifting belts are used when performing lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and overhead should press.

The belt will help support your lower back, keeping your form correct and lowering the risk of back injury. It will also help structure your posture for support during your heaviest lifts – making those personal bests keep coming

Lifting gloves

Lifting gloves will not only provide you with a better grip but will also help keep your hands in better shape by avoiding the development of tough callused skin around the natural creases of your palms and fingers.

By using lifting gloves, you can feel more confident in performing exercises where you are using barbells and dumbbells that may otherwise cause you pain or lack grip.

Lifting straps

An alternative to using gloves when lifting barbells and sometimes dumbbells are using lifting straps. These simple accessories are used to get a better grip on the bar you are lifting by keeping more of your hand and wrist closer to the bar, relying slightly less on your grip.

To use, put your hand through the strap and wrap it around the bar until tight before starting your set. Lifting straps really come into their own when the only thing holding you back from progressing is grip! A really worthwhile investment.

Wrist straps

Looking after your wrist is essential. After all, they are a fairly delicate part of the body and can take a long time to heal if they get injured. Wrist straps do exactly what they say on the tin – a strapped wrist has less movement and is more rigid, lessening the chance of injury.

When lifting progressively heavier weights, the muscle on your arms will grow, but your wrists will not, and they can’t always keep up the pace.

Investing in a quality pair of wrist straps can prove essential – after all, an injured wrist could put you out of action for a long while.

Barbell pad

We find this accessory really helpful when exercising, particularly on leg day! A barbell can dig into your back when squatting, making the whole experience rather uncomfortable, leaving you with a sore neck and shoulders. Using a barbell pad, you are cushioning the bar, leaving you more focussed on the job at hand – creating new p.b’s!

Simple in design, barbell pads wrap over the bar in seconds.

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