Top 4 Workout for Weight Loss at Home for Beginners

Who doesn’t choose their life to be healthy? Everyone wants their body to be fit or slim? But due to their daily busywork, laziness, or overeating, our body gains lots of fat.

Due to that, we get different diseases like Obesity diseases. When our body contains lots of fat, it can cause damage to our body, and likely to have other diseases that possess this disease these include type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.

So, to get rid of these diseases and switch our body to a healthy body, we have the best workout to lose weight.


Swimming is a great way to get regular exercise.

Why is swimming so great? In fact, it’s a lot of people’s go-to for fitness, and The main point is the fact that it isn’t weight-bearing, you far or less likely get injured compared to something like running and that in the long run means you’re able to train more consistently and you’re more likely to stick to that weight loss plan on top of that, the conditions remain pretty constant all year round if you’re training indoors it’s going to help with motivation when maybe it’s cold or wet outside.

During the winter and summer, if you live somewhere that gets really hot, you know you can still train indoors without overheating.

If you’d like to get a more accurate figure of how many calories you’ve consumed during your sensation, then there are plenty of online calculators out there that can help you. Ideally, you want to be targeting to swim for an hour.

We understand if you’ve not been swimming for a long time or swimming isn’t your strength, then that might seem a little daunting to start with a shorter time during, which you can then complete and build up from there, but it’s actually the amount of time you spend swimming that has a greater bearing on the number of calories you burn as opposed to the increase.

Really focus on trying to increase that length of time. You’ll find that as you naturally get fitter, you will actually to able to get a little bit quicker anyway, and once you’ve been swimming for a little while, you might want to change the peace and mix it up just to keep swimming a bit more interesting.

That’s the simple part, but when you are thinking about losing weight, you need to plan it in the overall picture, and that’s where you also need to plan your nutrition intake.

When it comes to planning ahead in swimming for weight loss, you need to be aware that something comes with a slight caveat as it can actually make you feel more hungry.

Some studies have shown that swimmers have more hungry this is a result of the hormones coming from swimming initially, you might feel that hunger suppressed, but not long after, your appetite will significantly increase. You need to make sure you’ve planned for that.


The metabolism you burn a higher percentage of fat while walking. You actually burn more calories while sprinting. Walking for 20 minutes; however, the amount of calories that you burn is higher for fat. While walking, so that you do a lot of walking, you may lose a lot of fat.

As long as you’re doing 15 to 20 minutes of walking on average per day, you’re gonna be burning a sufficient amount of fat to allow you to lose weight.

The human being is designed for walking when we’re a child are actually an infant our first exercise is walking when we learn to walk we’re actually hardwired of us think that we have to be doing all these different types of exercises and one of the best exercises for actually cardiovascular conditioning and for lower body muscular strength is walking.

You have to take a look at the leanest athletes on the planet, and those are bodybuilders and one of the forms of cardio that many bodybuilders use to get as lean as they do. Your ratio of fat to the number of carbohydrates that you’re burning, and you can ramp up the intensity for walking.

If you’re on a treadmill, you can increase the speed, or you can increase the incline or both, or you could even like to use a backpack with weight to make sure that your heart rate gets increased so that your body fat get converts into muscles.


plank pose

– let’s do it first from Cajrasana come to plank pose

– From plank slowly shifting your body weight a little forward

– Drop the body close to the ground bending at the elbow maintaining a 90° degree angle at the elbow

– Tuck your ab muscles, and all the muscles involved breathe comfortably while holding the posture.

– After a certain number of breaths, you can relax, breathe out and drop the entire body on the mat pressed in Makarasana.

Downward dog pose

– Come into kneeling position, tuck your toes, place your palm on the mat, finger open

– while inhale lift your knee, and hip acts a precious older

– Inhale complete straight your leg while access engage your belly to stay 5 to 10 seconds

– Slowly come back and sit in Vetuasana.

Shoulder Stand

To do Sarvangasana, lie down comfortably on your back and bring your legs all the way up

– Now bring both your legs up and slowly bring both your legs up towards the sky

– Push your hips all the way forward and bring your chest closes to your chin.

– Elongate the lower part of your body, creating nice inversions so that your blood is inverted.

Sun Salutation

Palms together arch, Stretch all the way forward and come down Left leg back, chin up, hip down. Come into a straight line.

Drop the knees, chest, and chin. Slide the body forward, and the arch makes sure the heels are together. Tuck the toes. Coming into the inverted “V,” Bring the left leg all the way forward.

Chin up. Bring the other leg forward, stretching down.

Stretch forward and arch. Hands by the side of your body.

Jogging and Running

when starting any type of program, whether it’s jogging or running, it is to start slow by starting with 15-20 minutes. Depending on your fitness level, you’re less likely to burn out and stop your program altogether. If you’re doing jogging or running slowly increase your time

I suggest varying your workouts the first day run on the treadmill, the next day run outside, and do some hills. Go walking on the sand provides a completely different type of workout for you. Change it up frequently so that you stay motivated and so that your body doesn’t plateau to wrap it up.

Conclusion: TOP 4 Beginners Workouts for Weight Loss

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